‘Fortnite:Battle Royale’ Tease Reveals Season 4 (And The Comet) Hit Tomorrow

It’s official, Fortnite Season 4 arrives tomorrow, along with a new battle pass, superhero theme and a comet slamming into the map somewhere.Desktop Screenshot 2018.05.01 -

Epic has posted one final teaser image to their Fortnite: Battle Royale social media sites after a week of updating a different image with glimpses at what appear to be new superhero and supervillain skins.

Today’s image is different, however. We have four figures in the foreground who appear to be looking down into a crater, presumably created after the comet hits the map. On first glance, I thought that these might be the new heroes/villains, but upon closer inspection, that is not the case, and Epic is keeping those skins under wraps until their official reveal tomorrow.

Of the four skins shown here, there are at least three that are already in the game. I believe the one the third from the right, the one with the glowing eyes, is not yet in the game, and may not be directly tied to the superhero theme, but another skin that might be introduced into the game on its own. Correct me if it’s already in the game and I just missed it.

There’s no longer any real debate about whether the comet will hit the map in Fortnite or not. It will. Many of these images have been teased with the phrase “brace for impact” and this image flat-out shows what appears to the lip of the crater.Comete_Fortnite

While most still believe that Tilted Towers is in the crosshair of the comet, recent leaks suggest that a more unused area like Dusty Depot is getting nuked instead, which honestly, makes quite a bit more sense. As for whether there will be something in the new crater other than just…a crater, that remains to be seen. Do these new superheroes/villains come from space? Will they have a spaceship we get to play around in and farm for exotic metal?fortnite-comet

I can’t praise Epic enough for how they’ve managed to create interest and hype around season 4 with this comet tease and the past week of reveals. For a game that essentially doesn’t have a story (the Battle Royale portion doesn’t, at least), it’s been a really fun time guessing at what’s coming, and the past week of mini-meteors slamming into the map has also been pretty great.

From the other teases, there should be at least four superhero/villain skins that you can farm in the Fortnite battle pass starting tomorrow, and we’ll have a closer look at them then, along with new back bling, gliders and everything else added.

At long last, the day has come. Soon we won’t be watching skies, but we’ll be watching a giant hole in the ground instead. Brace for impact, indeed.


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