EPIC reveals ‘SUPERHERO’ Theme for Fortnite Season 4

We’re only a few days out from Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Season 4, and Epic is keeping us on the hook. 2 days ago, we got a chance to look at what appeared to be one of the new skins coming with the new Battle Pass: a stern-faced, square-jawed fellow distinctly reminiscent of The Flash. Despite speculation on everything from aliens to dinosaurs, the teaser likely confirms a new superhero theme for Season 4, though that’s not 100% official yet. Yesterday, Epic showed off what looks like the second skin from the collection.Desktop Screenshot 2018.04.28 -

We can only see part of this new skin’s face, but it’s clearly in line with the superhero theme. It’s a woman with sharp features and bold eyebrows, as well as a piece of forehead ornamentation that is definitely not close enough to Wonder Woman’s Tiara to invite any kind of lawsuits, but definitely evocative nonetheless. And the graphic design, at least, doesn’t make the two look all that friendly.

What’s most interesting here is the different text that came with the two images. The first read “Battle. Adapt. Win,” indicating a sort of nihilistic, power-focused worldview from the male superhero depicted. The second reads “fight with honor,” which is clearly intended to stand as a contrast to the first message. Are these two figures at odds, I wonder?

The other option would be that these two heroes are on one side, and we’re about to get introduced to another. There are three days left before the end of Season 3, and that leaves room for two villains plus the wide reveal.

It points to some sort of conflict in my mind, and my guess is that’s how we’re going to kick off Season 4. It’s unclear if this would be traditional aliens or Marvel-style “hero aliens” coming in on that comet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up with some sort of battle in the first few days of the season. After that, the season might be themed along the lines of some sort of grand conflict between heroes and villains.

How that conflict will manifest in-game is anybody’s guess, of course. The brilliance of the meteors right now is that they provide a notable infusion of drama without changing the game all that much beyond the occasional explosion: any depiction of grand, Earth-shaking conflict here needs to either be mostly aesthetic, confined to the skybox or largely carried out in social media videos. Regardless, Epic is doing a great job keeping the hype going, so stay tuned.


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